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Ticket price includes one seat in each of the four rounds of panels, access to the demo floor, and the ability to register for Virtual Reality and Motion Capture hands-on demos, and other labs as they are  confirmed.  All spots are on a first come, first served basis.

October 12th, 2019 F3 Schedule of Events:

7:30A- Coffee trike provided by PiccoloCoffeeCo.com

8A- Doors open

8:30A- Introduction by Film Florida, Women in Film and Television-  Florida

8:45-10A- First Round of panels

10:15-11:30A- Second round of panels

11:30A-1P- Lunch available via food trucks

1-2:15P- Third round of panels

2:30-3:45P- Fourth panel

4-5:30P-  Open demo floor and labs

Round One- 8:45-10:15am

1A- The Profession of Producing


  In the fast-expanding world of film and digital media, there are core responsibilities for the producer no matter the budget, location, or medium. This panel will discuss what the producer’s general responsibility is in producing content of high quality, safely and legally. 

1B- Common Corrections in Post-Production


   “We’ll fix it in post.” Maybe not. Hear the common mistakes made in production that make you rely on your colorist, sound designer, editor, and other post-production professionals to save the day. A common oversight is to skip a post budget, come hear why that can sink your project.

1C- Drone Legalities and Liability


  Commercial drone pilots are required to be licensed to operate in any airspace. Different locations come with different restrictions. Hobbyists and professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operators will learn the very real consequences of ignoring the laws, and learn the basic safety guidelines for operating their drones.

1D- Writing for Television


  Karen Hall is headlining this panel as a veteran television writer with many years in the industry.  This gives her the range of experience to see how the style and expectations of television writing has grown and adapted over the years. Her shows have consistently been lauded and on the forefront of multiple genres, she is a trendsetter and we are thrilled to have her with us. 

Round Two- 10:15- 11:30am

2A- Pitching? You Need This!


  With so many avenues to take for production and distribution, there are some elements that are required to be professional, informed, and to put your project in the best light. You need this.

2B- Legal, Contracts, and Clearances


  This panel will discuss the basics of setting up your company and personal businesses for success in the industry, contracts, fine print, the necessities of permitting, the importance of liability insurance, and so much more you didn’t even know you needed to know.

2C- The Business of Acting


  Talent only goes so far. Acting is a one wo/man show of business decisions where one slip up can indefinitely affect your career. Support from management or agents can be helpful, but you need to know the business yourself, and be prepared for the unexpected and know the latest trends and expectations in the field.

2D- The Changing Landscape of Film Festivals


    Even before a project is completed, being wary of restrictions and guidelines of festivals will help you understand what they are looking for, parameters for submissions, and tips to help your film get seen.

Round Three 1- 2:15pm

3A- Streaming and Self-Distribution


  Do you share it? Sell it? Enter a festival? Get a channel? When your project is complete, there are myriad options for your next step. Depending on the project, the market, and factors you hadn’t even considered, your options may be limited. Find the appropriate path for your project to soar.

3B- Documentary Storytelling


 Documentary subjects are endless. Often, the filmmaker works incredibly hard to gather the images, interviews, research, and pulls it all together after hours of logging and editing to realize, there is no story. Our business IS storytelling, having an unscripted project leads to distraction and loss of focus on the subject. Find a way to tell your story 

3C- Safety and Protocol on Set


  Working in an industry where time is money, often times we lose sight of the importance of our own safety, and that of others, in pursuit of the shot.  There are rules and guidelines in place to help producers and crew make the best decisions possible with the risk factors involved.  In Los Angeles, union members are now required to attend safety classes to retain their eligibility for employment.  Protect yourself and know your rights to ensure the safety of yourself and your crew.  

3D- Creative Drone Operation


  A properly licensed drone operator has the experience under their belt to create stunning images, engaging chases, and overhead and low-flying works of art.  Come see some of the tricks that these professionals have executed, and learn how to be safe, legal, and professional with your gear. 

Round Four- Film Commissions/the State of Filming in Florida


Not to be missed:

  In the digital age, getting information is so easy, yet so difficult.  Are they the facts? This special panel of Florida film commissioners and directors has come together to speak to you, the media makers, on the state of filming in Florida, and how to build us up and stay strong. Get educated. Ask questions. Be informed. Get involved. 

Lindsey Sandrin- Director, Events & Orlando Film Commission

  Lindsey Sandrin- Lindsey grew up on the commercial sets of Florida Film & Tape and Mike Fuller Group. Her experiences on sets led her to her current position the Director of the Orlando Film Commission and Director of Events for the Orlando Economic Partnership. As Director of the Orlando Film Commission, Lindsey markets the Orlando region to new productions, oversees all permitting for the four county Orlando region, and works with her team to ensure all productions that come to the region find appropriate filming locations, crew and support services during their time in Orlando. In the past two years, Lindsey’s work has contributed to landing two high-profile episodic series: David Makes Man for the Oprah Winfrey Network and The Right Stuff for the National Geographic Channel.

Sandy Lighterman- Film/ Entertainment Commissioner, Miami Dade County Office of Film/ Entertainment

  Ms. Lighterman is the Film and Entertainment Commissioner for Miami-Dade County. Under her purview is County’s Office of Film & Entertainment. Ms. Lighterman is responsible for the growth and development of the billion dollar film, television, music, digital media, commercial advertising and still-photography industry in Miami-Dade County. In 2017, she created and helped shepherd through the County Commission, one of the first Countywide inducement programs in the wake of the State’s canceled film & entertainment industry tax incentive program.

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Chad Newman

Film Commissioner, Florida Keys and Key West Film Commission.

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