October 12th, 2019

Orlando, Florida

About The Organizations


Here to support the media makers

These two organizations are the top two membership-based organizations in the state.  Their mission statements both involve advocating for and educating our crew, and promoting the state as a film and media-production destination.  For more information, see links below.


Women in Film and Television- Florida

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Who is behind the event?

F3 is a collaboration between the two largest pro-industry groups in the state of Florida;  Women in Film and Television- FL and Film Florida.

Staying current in the industry

Professionals, hobbyists, and newbies alike have a lot to learn about the business.  Technology is constantly evolving, gear is improving, laws and legal are always adapting, every media-maker out there needs to stay on top of the trends and protocol.  F3 is designed to do just that by hosting panels in myriad aspects of the business to keep you productive, safe, on trend, and WORKING!

Give me an example...

F3 kicked off in 2017 and hosted panels with professionals working in those fields.  The design of the sessions is not for you to just sit and take notes, you may have specific questions or problems and an online tutorial just doesn't make the cut when you have the specialist right in front of you to answer those questions.  Panels included:  Drone Safety and Regulations, The Business of Acting, Post-Production Color and Sound, Legal, Contracts, and Insurance,  Safety and Protocol, Pitching, Funding, and Distribution, even panels on obtaining your soundtrack and formatting your story.  We try to provide the information you need that may not have been covered in film school, or that you need to know to make your way in the ever-evolving media jungle.  Click below to see this year's lineup.

Hands-On Demos

The demo floor will have hands-on tutorials from the makers, manufacturers, and professionals using the equipment or programs.  Filmotechnic USA will have its Russian Arm available, Precision Aerial will have a drone op demo, First Production RVs will have a production MoHo for you to tour, and the list keeps growing every day.

Motion Capture and Virtual Reality

Orange Technical College- Mid-Town Campus has the largest for-rent Motion Capture stage on the east coast.  They will provide registrants with a Motion Capture tutorial where the attendees actually operated the camera with a live mo-cap artist and instant streaming on a 'world' built just for us.  They also provide registrants with a VR experience where you are fully engulfed in the experience in custom VR and gaming chairs.  Truly not to be missed.

Who is coming this year? What can we expect?

Registration is now open with panelists listed here, on Women in Film and Film Florida social media, and other sponsor sites.  Members of WIFT and FF receive discounted rates, and we suggest registering early as the panels do fill up.  To see the 2019 lineup, click here:

Contact Us

Inquiries? Want to help support? Email us:

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To support this event, please contact us.

This event is sponsored by private individuals, vendors, state and county organizations, and the volunteer hours of our members.  If you can support this effort, and be a part of this educational event, please contact us.  There are perks to the tax-deductible sponsorships, and membership also has many benefits.  We can not do it without you.  Thank you!  

F3- Florida Film/Digital Focus will be held at:

Orange Technical College- Mid-Town Campus 2900 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, Florida 32809

Map below: